Benat Iglesias, a native of Spain, lives and works in New York.He approaches art through a variety of mediums, such as sculpture, painting, printmaking and photography. His artwork explores the varying relationships between popular culture and fine art, and takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues.


For the last two years his focus has been on sculpture, creating a monumental sculpture installation, The Bathers (currently on display at the Riverside South Park on 59th St, NYC), and the -Head Series: A Delicate Irony-, which will be on display in a solo Show at the Alex Adam Gallery, NYC (May 2014).


Mr. Iglesias's work is visually engaging and provocative, it prompts an immediate emotional response that leads to a dialogue between the sculpture and the viewer. In terms of technique, the compelling realism of the portraits show the expertise and gift for life modeling that distinguishes Benat Iglesias's entire portfolio. Though Benat Iglesias's enormous talent extends to several different mediums, the guiding principle of his work remains constant in all of his portraits. This principle is the use of art as a tool to allow the artist and the viewer to study, understand and honor the inner lives and emotions of his subjects. The psychological realism and emotional depth evident in Mr. Iglesias's portraits match for their layered beauty and complexity and the technical expertise with which he so flawlessly presents the physical forms of his subjects.


Through the intellectual and emotional connections that we as viewers form to such works of art, we are also encouraged to a better understanding and appreciation of our own lives and complex identities”.